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Another Sunday! What Happened to the Week??

I’ll tell you what happened – Mrs P was taken ill, not seriously but enough to blow any plans we had out of the water. And then there was work, I was cruising along nicely but choppy seas have appeared and I’m not certain if I’m heading towards a perfect storm or it’s just a slight blip on the radar. Time, as always, will tell.

Bryan AdamsBryan Adams – Run To You / I’m Ready (1984) – Vinyl

I get the lyrics but they don’t exactly go anywhere. Having said that this is a good, reliable rock song – it’s not going to change the way you listen to music but at least it does what it says on the tin.

The only real problem I have is with my single version, whilst the A side is in excellent condition the B side seems to have been pressed poorly – it sounds like I’m listening to it via Radio Luxembourg whilst I’m hiding under the covers on a stormy night with poor reception (if that means anything to anyone anymore….). Managed about 15 seconds before I had to take it off of the turntable.

Rate – 4/5 Condition – 0/5


Carly Simon – Nobody Does It Better / After The Storm (1977) – Vinyl

To prove that the problem with Bryan Adams wasn’t a knackered stylus I turned to Carly Simon and it plays lovely. When this came out I couldn’t stand the song, it wasn’t loud enough and it didn’t rock – but I was only 13, what did I know? Maybe I’m getting old or maybe it just brings back memories of a simpler time because now I quite like it……

Rate – 4/5 Condition – 4/5

Gary Toms Empire – 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)(1975) – Vinyl

Another slab of vinyl that I would have hated when it came out has turned into my personal discovery of the day. You can’t go wrong with a piece of good time funk from the 70s!

Rate – 4/5 Condition – 5/5


Submarine – Jodie Foster / Tugboat (1993) – Vinyl

Finally a slice of indie rock from the 90s. I know nothing at all about Submarine but like the fact that the A side is a live recording from Sussex University – I used to catch a lot of Uni gigs but life has now moved on (by about 25 years) – does a circuit still exist?

Jodie Foster is very Jesus and Mary Chain, I would love to have seen them play it at Sussex Uni but this live version on record doesn’t really work for me The B side continues in the J&MC vein although this time its mixed 50:50 with an Oasis vibe.

Rate – 2/5 Condition – 4/5

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Gloomy Sunday

Miserable day and my, self imposed and self regulated, diet starts – what a combination.

Time to break out a few singles…..

Sandy Nelson

Sandy Nelson – Teen Beat / Big Jump (1959) – Vinyl

If I wasn’t to be the lead singer in a band I would have wanted to be the drummer – to me they always seemed to be the rebel within a group, the ones that just went out there and bashed merry hell out of the skins.

Of course in reality I know I’ll never be either of those things………but I still have the guitar beckoning me from the corner of the room – maybe it’s not too late to do something.

This single doesn’t really that do much for me but my Dad won’t have a word said against Sandy.

Rate – 3/5 Condition – 3/5

Jimmy Smith – The Cat / Basin Street Blues (1964) – Vinyl

I’m approaching my vinyl in a totally random manner because if I didn’t I’d have months of my favourite music followed (I’m pretty sure) by a load of pap.

So I didn’t know what to expect when I put this on the turntable – What a surprise! I love it! This is one of the reasons I’m working through my collection, I bought this as part of a job lot 18 months ago and would never have played it otherwise…….

Rate – 5/5 Condition – 4/5


Kenny – Fancy Pants / I’m A Winner (1975) – Vinyl

Arguably a case of from the sublime to the ridiculous, such are the jobs of random selection!

I was 11 when this came out and even then I recognised this for what it was – bubblegum pop music. But that doesn’t stop the A side being infectious – I’d still dance to this after an evening of cocktails if someone had the balls to play it. .

Rate – 3/5 Condition – 5/5

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One of the guys I used to hang around with at school – Martin – saw himself as destined to become an artistic drop out. When we were 16 he convinced his parents to buy him a velvet jacket so he could wander around town looking rakish. But, as is the way with teenagers, there was some sort of argument and they declared that he could only wear it in the house.

I lost touch with him after I started work but saw him once or twice when I was driving through town, he looked down-at-heel but happy – I never stopped because I always planned to do it next time…

…of course, as is the way these things, there never was a next time. He died some years ago, a drug overdose I believe fulfilling the destiny he seemed to embrace from an early age.

He was into all sorts of music and we had some good times. I vividly remember playing snooker with him whilst he tried to convince me of the genius that was Steely Dan and Pretzel Logic.

It’s strange, I had no contact with him for the last 20 years of his life but I often think of him…

…I should have stopped the car.

Pretzel Logic

Steely Dan – Pretzel Logic (1974) – CD

  • Tracks
    • Rikki Don’t Lose That Number
    • Night By Night
    • Any Major Dude Will Tell You
    • Barrytown
    • East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
    • Parker’s Band
    • Through With Buzz
    • Pretzel Logic
    • With A Gun
    • Charlie Freak
    • Monkey In Your Soul

Rate – 4/5

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New Vinyl – 1

Back in the early 80s I went out with a girl whose taste in, and purchasing of, music had stopped with the release of Bowie’s Diamond Dogs LP. She had good taste but there was nothing fresh, she was always covering the same aural ground rather than discovering anything new.

I promised myself then that I would not turn into that kind of person. A couple of years later, as  I lay in hospital with Doctors trying to work out what was wrong with me, I added to that promise, life was too short to be stuck in any one type of musical genre.

So occasionally I buy new music, not the chart, populist type of stuff but things that look “interesting”.

The other week “The Scientific Sounds Of The Sine Waves” 7 inch single turned up – clear vinyl and a limited run of 50.

Bit of a production problem to start off with, the lead in groove is ‘locked’ if you let the automatic turntable lower the needle meaning an eternity of listening to silence until you realise what the problem is…..

Manually placing the stylus at the start of each side reveals (to my ears) an A-side that I’m certain is Captain Scarlet on a bad trip and a B-side that makes me think of a bass heavy Jason King. Please note: Neither of these are bad things!The Sine Waves

The Sine Waves – The Scientific Sounds Of… (2014) – Vinyl

  • Tracks
    • Tsar Bomba
    • The Fly

Rate – 5/5 Condition – 5/5

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Back to Normal (Almost)

The meeting in London went well yesterday but the journey back was a bit of a bust – a 20 minute walk back from the train station in the rain without an umbrella or anything waterproof isn’t the ideal way to end a working week.

But on the positive side I’m feeling better than I have for a couple of months – teeth nearly fixed, interesting opportunities opening up at work, house looking halfway decent – I’m definitely on the up.

Also managed to finish listening to Out Of The Blue and I was surprised at the memories that this particular disc evoked –

  • Listening to side three (“Concerto For A Rainy Day”) on a rainy day back in the late 70s with Anthony and Martin when real thunder and lightening came in perfectly on cue
  • Writing new words to “Wild West Hero” (and renaming it “Coopers and Lybrand Hit Man” – I know it’s a mouthful but it seemed to work okay back then) back in ’84 and then circulating them around the office just before the C&L Consultants came into work. I’d totally forgotten about this until today and can’t remember the words, all I do remember is that one of the verses poked fun at the comb-over the eldest consultant thought he could get away with.
  • Trying to work out which track the fire extinguisher was used on – for some reason I always assumed that it was on “The Whale”.


Electric Light Orchestra – Out Of The Blue (1977) – Vinyl

  • Tracks
    • Standin’ in the Rain
    • Big Wheels
    • Summer and Lightening
    • Mr. Blue Sky
    • Sweet is the Night
    • The Whale
    • Birmingham Blues
    • Wild West Hero

Rate – 5/5 Condition – 5/5

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