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Have Some Sympathy And Some Taste

Since the evening of 8th May 1984 I’ve considered Benjamin Franklin a liar, he said “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”


Well, immediately after Vyvyan proclaimed “to the station!” the bass started and one of the Devil’s own (aka Lemmy) launched into “Ace of Spades”. It was then I knew that Franklin was a liar and for the last 31 years (and counting) I’ve been proved right as the third constant in the world has been down and dirty rock n roll courtesy of Mr Kilmister.

I’d been following Motorhead for a couple of years and this was post “Fast” Eddie Clarke but it was this performance that showed me that Lemmy was not just a fallen angel he was also a rock star.

Recently however it looks as if ‘m going to be proved wrong after all as the underworld is doing its best to reclaim Lemmy – presumably just to ensure that once again the Devil has all the best tunes (obviously Heaven has the best choreographers).

The good news is that he’s not going to go down without a fight. Despite having to give up the daily bottle of Jack Daniel’s and the speed he’s still hammering out the music both in the studio and on tour (I’ve tickets for February 2016 – only 18 weeks and counting). The latest release “Bad Magic” is everything that you’d expect from them plus, for extra kudos, their version of “Sympathy for the Devil” – and they play it pretty straight and loud, presumably as it’s a paean to their ultimate boss…..

Motorhead – Bad Magic (2015) – Vinyl

  • Victory or Die
  • Thunder & Lightning
  • Fire Storm Hotel
  • Shoot Out All of Your Lights
  • The Devil
  • Electricity
  • Evil Eye
  • Teach Them How to Bleed
  • Till the End
  • Tell Me Who to Kill
  • Choking on Your Screams
  • When the Sky Comes Looking for You
  • Sympathy for the Devil

Rate – 4/5

Listening Since Day One

CDs – 27, Vinyl Singles – 16, LPs – 18, Downloads – 5, Cassettes – 1

Total Tracks: 636, Time: 47h 53m 34s

Humphrey, We’re Leaving

This CD was on quick turnaround in the car during a recent week away – unfortunately not because it was a favourite but due to the lack of CDs available (my fault……)

When Mika first emerged with “Grace Kelly” he seemed like a breathe of fresh air into the turgid ‘popular music scene’, unfortunately this was a view that seemed to decrease with each subsequent release and he rapidly fell off of my personal radar.

Wind forward 8 years and I invested a couple of £s in this CD that I saw in a charity shop – was it worth it? Well yes and no………….

He’s definitely a talented musician and can write songs but in recording this CD he should have been reigned in – there needs to be a flow between tracks when you’re listening to music, that’s missing here it’s all over the place. I’ve heard “Life In Cartoon Motion” being referred to as ‘cartoon rock’ but that gives it too much credence and in reality a good dose of quality control would have made this a much better release.

Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion (2007) – CD

  • Grace Kelly
  • Lollipop
  • My Interpretation
  • Love Today
  • Relax (Take It Easy)
  • Any Other World
  • Billy Brown
  • Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
  • Stuck in the Middle
  • Happy Ending
  • Over My Shoulder
  • Ring Ring

Rate – 2/5

Listening Since Day One

CDs – 27, Vinyl Singles – 16, LPs – 17, Downloads – 5, Cassettes – 1

Total Tracks: 623, Time: 47h 10m 37s 49