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A Consciousness Explosion

I have a dim memory of ‘Judy Teen’ being played on Radio 1 from my pre-teenage years – the hit written by Harley to shut up EMI after ‘The Human Menagerie’ was released – but I only discovered this album in my mid-teens. And as I listened to it, it spoke to me in the way that only music can when you’re in the middle of growing up and don’t know what you want to be or even what the options are……..

It’s overblown, clever (in a sixth form/art college type of way), the vocals are full of affectations and the lyrics are all over the place. – all exactly what I wanted to hear when I was trying to write music reviews for the school’s student magazine.

Rediscovering this in a charity store a few weeks ago I did wonder what I would think of it now – would my memories of over 30 years ago match up to the cynical ear of 2015? In all honesty it fared well, the stand out tracks for me used to be “Sebastian” and “Death Trip” and listening once more they’re still as ridiculous (in a good way) as they always were.

A welcome return to the vinyl fold for an album lost too many years ago………..

Cockney Rebel – The Human Menagerie (1973) – Vinyl

  • Hideaway
  • What Ruthy Said
  • Loretta’s Tale
  • Crazy Raver
  • Sebastian
  • Mirror Freak
  • My Only Vice
  • Muriel the Actor
  • Chameleon
  • Death Trip

Rate – 4/5

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