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How’s My Stylus Doing?

A second mystery is – how come I add no new posts for six months and in that time I start getting more hits than ever before. I understand that distance makes the heart grow fonder but does silence make the writing more profound? (somehow I doubt it……)

Anyway –

So this band are meant to change my life; they get excellent reviews in the ‘head press’ for their experimental, psych, noise approach to music.

This album is meant to be ‘it’ according to the sleeve notes –

“This might just be the single greatest side of OTT psych/noise guitar oblivion ever put to wax, a suitably enigmatic, nada-information ultra-limited LP w/printed off-set covers featuring a shades-less Mizutani, an enigmatic insert with nothing but a colour ocean-front snap and two ludicrously extended blown-out takes on primo material from the most legenadry Japanese underground group of all time, Les Raillez Denudes…..”

And then, as you read on, the sleeve notes start referring to tracks that aren’t on this limited orange vinyl release (nbr 529 of 1000) ……… double bluff, hype, lack of attention to detail or just my own stupidity?

Anyway it’s about the music, the experience, right?

Well, sorry I don’t get it – if I was experiencing it in person I might but on vinyl with (poor) bootleg recording quality I don’t.

When “Strung Out…” started I genuinely thought there was something wrong with my stylus whilst “The Last One” sounds like a migraine on Mandrax (one that lasts for 22 minutes). Things get slightly better (only slightly and starting from a very low base) with “An Awful Eternity” but even this is an attempt at c1970 Hawkwind in an offkilter, unturned, bootleg jam type of way……

My first 0/5 vinyl LP

Les Rallizes Denudes – France Demo Tapes (198?) – Orange Vinyl, Limited Edition 2016 Release

  • Strung Out Deeper Than The Night
  • The Last One
  • An Awful Eternity (Cruel Love)

Rate – 0/5

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