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Welcome Back My Friends……

So in the real world I haven’t been able to get into my actual refuge for the last couple of months due to house redecorating ‘stuff’ going on. That all changed this weekend….

So Emerson, Lake and Palmer are now down to just my namesake, a sad state of affairs – all virtuosos in their own right who became pompous and overblown when together and playing at their best. Excellent stuff.

I remember exactly where I was when I heard a voice intoning “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, We’re so glad you could attend, Come inside, Come inside” (aka the start of ‘Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression, Part 2’) for the first time. It was a Saturday afternoon, my dad was driving me into Maidenhead (in a brown Ford Cortina – WRD 634J – motoring fact fans) and we were listening to Alan “Fluff” Freeman, when those words emerged from the speakers. I didn’t know who it was but decided I had to find out.

I eventually got the LP, Brain Salad Surgery, some years later from Notting Hill Record and Tape Exchange and it’s remained with me ever since. A couple of the tracks I could do without (“Jerusalem” is too plain and “Benny the Bouncer” too throwaway) but if I’m ever famous enough to go onto Desert Island Discs I’ll try to get the Karn Evil 9 suite classed as one ‘song’ and take it with me.

and they could hit the same thing live (albeit with a prolonged drum solo in the middle)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery (1973) – Vinyl

  • Jerusalem
  • Toccata
  • Still….You Turn Me On
  • Benny the Bouncer
  • Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression – Part 1
  • Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression – Part 2
  • Karn Evil 9: 2nd Impression
  • Karn Evil 9: 3rd Impression

Rate – 4/5

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