A Bullet From A Forty-Five

This was an album that I always wanted as a child, not because of the music – I didn’t actually hear the full album until some 30+ years later – but because of the title. Anything called “Fighting” must be good, reasoned my school yard survivor ,mentality back then.

If I’d heard this at the time I’d have been disappointed as the full assault that my ears were expecting would have been found wanting. This is more an album with an undercurrent of aggression rather than a full blown back alley gang fight. And whilst the album may kick over with a cover version (Bob Seger’s “Rosalie”) it is here, arguably for the first time, that Phil Lynott develops his storytelling approach to lyrics and the band find their true rock and blues groove. Not a marvellous album but one that definitely signposts the future path that the band will travel down.

Thin Lizzy – Fighting (1975) – CD

      • Rosalie
      • For Those Who Love to Live
      • Suicide
      • Wild One
      • Fighting My Way Back
      • King’s Vengeance
      • Spirit Slips Away
      • Silver Dollar
      • Freedom Song
      • Ballad of a Hard Man

Rate – 3/5

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