….And A Brown Paper Bag Please

So here’s the thing………..

……….the point of this blog is/was to record all the vinyl, CDs, etc I have but since starting it I’ve caught the vinyl bug again and the collection has started to grow at an alarming rate once more. Returning from the big smoke yesterday weighed down with Led Zeppelin, Blackberry Smoke and Scott Walker records I was welcomed home by a triple disc offering from Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. that I’d ordered a couple of weeks ago.

So drastic plastic overload calls for drastic action. No more new purchases until I’ve submitted at least a further ten posts (except for the two releases still on order and then there’s the record fair in Reading on Good Friday. Hmm maybe I should have looked at the diary before I started typing……)

When I was in my teens I used to get embarrassed at the most innocuous of things but nowadays it rarely happens although it was a pretty close thing last weekend. Looking through the cheap CDs in HMV I came across one by a group that I’ve always wondered about. I held in my hand an album that some people rate as one of the best live recordings of all time and which was, arguably, the album that ensured this group moved into the rock stratosphere. However it was also a group that I’ve always considered to be the ultimate proof that style over substance can succeed. But, I thought, how can millions of people be wrong?

As I handed over the CD to the girl on the checkout I felt like a teenager buying condoms for the first time, should I explain why I was buying it, what did she think of me for handing over such an item, could I ask her to put it in a brown paper bag?

When I got home I composed myself and pressed play……….

……..all my worst fears were confirmed – Kiss ‘Alive!’ – is full of rock sludge and inanities on a colossal scale. Maybe if I’d heard this when it originally came out and I was 11 I’d have appreciated the banal lyrics, repetitive approach to songs, run of the mill solos and attempts at banter. But I’m not 11 and the only reason I made it through all 80ish minutes was because I couldn’t believe that it wouldn’t get better at some point – believe me, it doesn’t.

Kiss – Alive! (1975) – CD

      • Deuce
      • Strutter
      • Got to Choose
      • Hotter Than Hell
      • Firehouse
      • Nothin’ to Lose
      • C’mon and Love Me
      • Parasite
      • She
      • Watchin’ You
      • 100,000 Years
      • Black Diamond
      • Rock Bottom
      • Cold Gin
      • Rock and Roll All Nite
      •  Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll

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