Back to Normal (Almost)

The meeting in London went well yesterday but the journey back was a bit of a bust – a 20 minute walk back from the train station in the rain without an umbrella or anything waterproof isn’t the ideal way to end a working week.

But on the positive side I’m feeling better than I have for a couple of months – teeth nearly fixed, interesting opportunities opening up at work, house looking halfway decent – I’m definitely on the up.

Also managed to finish listening to Out Of The Blue and I was surprised at the memories that this particular disc evoked –

  • Listening to side three (“Concerto For A Rainy Day”) on a rainy day back in the late 70s with Anthony and Martin when real thunder and lightening came in perfectly on cue
  • Writing new words to “Wild West Hero” (and renaming it “Coopers and Lybrand Hit Man” – I know it’s a mouthful but it seemed to work okay back then) back in ’84 and then circulating them around the office just before the C&L Consultants came into work. I’d totally forgotten about this until today and can’t remember the words, all I do remember is that one of the verses poked fun at the comb-over the eldest consultant thought he could get away with.
  • Trying to work out which track the fire extinguisher was used on – for some reason I always assumed that it was on “The Whale”.


Electric Light Orchestra – Out Of The Blue (1977) – Vinyl

  • Tracks
    • Standin’ in the Rain
    • Big Wheels
    • Summer and Lightening
    • Mr. Blue Sky
    • Sweet is the Night
    • The Whale
    • Birmingham Blues
    • Wild West Hero

Rate – 5/5 Condition – 5/5

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