Boy You Better Run To Your Mama Now

So a combination of manflu, Mrs P being incapacitated, visits to the Doctor, visits to the Physio, work politics and deadlines meant that I totally failed in getting up to speed over Christmas / New Year with posting details of everything I’d listened to. So no more promises, I’ll just shut up and get on with it…….

I know I’ve come late to the party with Goat but this is a case of better late than never. As a Christmas present from my sister (plus associated husband and offspring) I got, amongst other things, Live Ballroom Ritual – two slabs of vinyl that capture Goat in all their glory at Camden’s Electric Ballroom. On unwrapping it I threatened to play it at my nephew who looked at me exactly like I used to  look at my  Uncles when they used to try and convince me that they had music taste and were ‘down with the kids’.

When I did get round to listening to it I was blown away, I started to make some notes about influences but after 10 minutes gave up, the overriding view left in my mind by their music is one of early 70s Hawkwind, coupled with tribal beats, mixed with a samba party vibe and synthesized into something unique for today.

One for the wish list on my Concerts page – (must remember to take the following day off work however, we do have a Drugs and Alcohol Policy after all…..)

Goat – Live Ballroom Ritual – Double Vinyl (2013)

    • Diarabi
    • Golden Dawn
    • Disco Fever
    • Stonegoat
    • Let It Bleed
    • Dreambuilding
    • Run To Your Mama
    • Goathead
    • Goatman
    • Goatlord
    • Det Som Aldrig Förändras
    • The Sun The Moon

Rate – 5/5

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