Christmas Shopping – Don’t You Love It?


Back from shopping, more to come tomorrow, and spent the last hour setting up various gizmos so we don’t have to do it over Christmas.

I did have a rant queued entitled “Why don’t they give you proper instructions with anything anymore, why’s everything on a website and instead of instructions there’s just a load of FAQs!!!!!” ready but my ‘old miserable git’ alarm went off so I’ll just have to internalise my rage

Whilst I was trying to drag myself into the 21st Century I had Hawkwind on the turntable – they entered my musical lexicon in about ’78 and have never left. The first time I saw them live in 1980 I wasn’t up to date with their latest record and due to poor acoustics managed to rechristen their new single “Who’s Gonna Kill The Whore?”

Hawkwind Friends and Relations

Hawkwind – Friends and Relations (1982) – Vinyl

I bought this when it first came out and was bitterly disappointed – being a typical 18 year old I hadn’t paid attention to what I was buying. I thought it contained new material rather than being a compilation of live/studio tracks and Hawkind and their ‘friends and relations’ (I didn’t get the title and didn’t read the track listings – I was probably too busy trying, and failing, to look cool).

Over the years though this has really grown on me. Everything on here, the solid live tracks, the football chant of “Raj Neesh”, Michael Moorcock’s voice, even “Human Beings” all have a regular place on my playlist.

  • Tracks
    • Who’s Gonna Win The War? – Hawklords
    • Golden Void – Sonic Assassins
    • Robot – Hawkwind
    • Raj Neesh – Inner City Unit
    • Good Girl, Bad Girl – Michael Moorcock and the Deep Fix
    • Valium 10 – Hawklords
    • Human Beings – Inner City Unit
    • Time Centre – Michael Moorcock and the Deep Fix

Rate – 4/5 Condition – 5/5

Listening Since Day One

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