Gloomy Sunday

Miserable day and my, self imposed and self regulated, diet starts – what a combination.

Time to break out a few singles…..

Sandy Nelson

Sandy Nelson – Teen Beat / Big Jump (1959) – Vinyl

If I wasn’t to be the lead singer in a band I would have wanted to be the drummer – to me they always seemed to be the rebel within a group, the ones that just went out there and bashed merry hell out of the skins.

Of course in reality I know I’ll never be either of those things………but I still have the guitar beckoning me from the corner of the room – maybe it’s not too late to do something.

This single doesn’t really that do much for me but my Dad won’t have a word said against Sandy.

Rate – 3/5 Condition – 3/5

Jimmy Smith – The Cat / Basin Street Blues (1964) – Vinyl

I’m approaching my vinyl in a totally random manner because if I didn’t I’d have months of my favourite music followed (I’m pretty sure) by a load of pap.

So I didn’t know what to expect when I put this on the turntable – What a surprise! I love it! This is one of the reasons I’m working through my collection, I bought this as part of a job lot 18 months ago and would never have played it otherwise…….

Rate – 5/5 Condition – 4/5


Kenny – Fancy Pants / I’m A Winner (1975) – Vinyl

Arguably a case of from the sublime to the ridiculous, such are the jobs of random selection!

I was 11 when this came out and even then I recognised this for what it was – bubblegum pop music. But that doesn’t stop the A side being infectious – I’d still dance to this after an evening of cocktails if someone had the balls to play it. .

Rate – 3/5 Condition – 5/5

Listening Since Day One

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