Humphrey, We’re Leaving

This CD was on quick turnaround in the car during a recent week away – unfortunately not because it was a favourite but due to the lack of CDs available (my fault……)

When Mika first emerged with “Grace Kelly” he seemed like a breathe of fresh air into the turgid ‘popular music scene’, unfortunately this was a view that seemed to decrease with each subsequent release and he rapidly fell off of my personal radar.

Wind forward 8 years and I invested a couple of £s in this CD that I saw in a charity shop – was it worth it? Well yes and no………….

He’s definitely a talented musician and can write songs but in recording this CD he should have been reigned in – there needs to be a flow between tracks when you’re listening to music, that’s missing here it’s all over the place. I’ve heard “Life In Cartoon Motion” being referred to as ‘cartoon rock’ but that gives it too much credence and in reality a good dose of quality control would have made this a much better release.

Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion (2007) – CD

  • Grace Kelly
  • Lollipop
  • My Interpretation
  • Love Today
  • Relax (Take It Easy)
  • Any Other World
  • Billy Brown
  • Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
  • Stuck in the Middle
  • Happy Ending
  • Over My Shoulder
  • Ring Ring

Rate – 2/5

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