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My first real music obsession was with Queen, ‘A Night At The Opera’ was my first album and my first concert was seeing them in May ’78 on the News of the World tour. They’ve had a place in my musical heart ever since but, if I’m honest, I lost interest in them after about 1980. Their worldwide success was still ahead of them and I still followed their progress but, for me, the spark that made them different had burnt out.

I was nervous therefore when I played Live At The Rainbow ’74 (another birthday present – this time via a gift token), would it burst my memories, my assumptions that the early years were when they showed their best work? I’d read comments complaining of modern day overdubs and drum fills ruining the music…………

If there were overdubs and fills I didn’t notice them (unless they’re on the 4LP version) and my memories remain intact. This is a recording of a group enjoying their music, discovering what’s possible, working as a team and finding how to work that rapport with the audience that was such an element of Queen live shows.

If people want to know why Queen were important and how they managed to build such a following they should ignore compilations bulked up by ‘forgotten tracks’ (‘Queen Forever’ hang your head in shame) and look here. It’s upon performances like this that reputations are forged.

Queen – Live At The Rainbow ’74 (2014) – Double Vinyl

        • QUEEN II TOUR March ’74
        • Procession
        • Father To Son
        • Ogre Battle
        • Son And Daughter
        • Guitar Solo
        • Son And Daughter (Reprise)
        • Keep Yourself Alive
        • Drum Solo
        • Keep Yourself Alive (Reprise)
        • Seven Seas Of Rhye
        • Modern Times Rock ’n’ Roll
        • Liar
        • SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR, November ’74
        • Procession
        • Now I’m Here
        • White Queen (As It Began)
        • Flick Of The Wrist
        • In The Lap Of The Gods
        • Killer Queen
        • The March Of The Black Queen
        • Bring Back That Leroy Brown
        • Stone Cold Crazy
        • In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited

Rate – 5/5

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