It’s Crazy How It All Turned Out

One of the great things about Robert Plant is that he wears the legend of Led Zeppelin lightly – a lesser talent would be worried about spoiling it, forever trying to live up to past successes and as a result achieve nothing, just becoming a shadow of their former self. Plant seems to genuinely not give a damn. He respects the past but he doesn’t let him hold him back or stop him taking risks or negotiating tangents.

Of course this means that everything is a risk, he can’t guarantee on taking his fans with him on his musical journey. Just because they’ve liked a previous album doesn’t mean that the next one will satisfy their craving for more product.

His work with Alison Krauss side-stepped expectations and launched an album of covers that was critically acclaimed and hit the top across a number of genres. In places it harks back to the delivery and approach used in some of the folk/roots influenced songs recorded with Zeppelin, not a bad thing at all.

However if I listen to this album in one sitting my mind starts to wander, there’s not enough going on to draw me in for any length of time. This isn’t the fault of the album, probably more the fault of my 21st Century lack of ability to concentrate on anything of any length of time.

“Please Read the Letter” is one of the stand out tracks in my record collection but the album as a whole is one I dip in and out of.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – Raising Sand (2007) – CD

      • Rich Woman
      • Killing the Blues
      • Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
      • Polly Come Home
      • Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)
      • Through the Morning, Through the Night
      • Please Read the Letter
      • Trampled Rose
      • Fortune Teller
      • Stick With Me Baby
      • Nothin’
      • Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
      • Your Long Journey

Rate – 3/5

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