Just Sittin’, Listenin’ – 1

When this single was released back in ’79 it was like hearing something from another planet, it had no relationship to anything else I was listening to and was light years away from the tracks on Rumours.

I loved the drums but didn’t really get it as a single, I also didn’t get (or appreciate) that the album was double – pushing it out of the price range of a 15 year old.

Revisiting it now it still surprises me. Not because of the song, that I like, but more the audacity of releasing it as a single.

Fleetwood Mac – Tusk / Never Make Me Cry (1979) – Vinyl

The B Side is a lovely little ditty (look I’ve been on this earth long enough to be able to use the word). If I’d bothered to flip the vinyl over back in the day I would have realised that they hadn’t cut all the ties with their Rumours output.

Rate – 4/5 Condition – 3/5

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