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Back in the early 80s I went out with a girl whose taste in, and purchasing of, music had stopped with the release of Bowie’s Diamond Dogs LP. She had good taste but there was nothing fresh, she was always covering the same aural ground rather than discovering anything new.

I promised myself then that I would not turn into that kind of person. A couple of years later, as  I lay in hospital with Doctors trying to work out what was wrong with me, I added to that promise, life was too short to be stuck in any one type of musical genre.

So occasionally I buy new music, not the chart, populist type of stuff but things that look “interesting”.

The other week “The Scientific Sounds Of The Sine Waves” 7 inch single turned up – clear vinyl and a limited run of 50.

Bit of a production problem to start off with, the lead in groove is ‘locked’ if you let the automatic turntable lower the needle meaning an eternity of listening to silence until you realise what the problem is…..

Manually placing the stylus at the start of each side reveals (to my ears) an A-side that I’m certain is Captain Scarlet on a bad trip and a B-side that makes me think of a bass heavy Jason King. Please note: Neither of these are bad things!The Sine Waves

The Sine Waves – The Scientific Sounds Of… (2014) – Vinyl

  • Tracks
    • Tsar Bomba
    • The Fly

Rate – 5/5 Condition – 5/5

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