Oh Dear! It Must Be Christmas……

…….because I’ve just uncovered the first real turkey in my collection.

Don’t get me wrong I have the greatest of respect for anyone who can play an instrument or sing and has the strength of their convictions to do it in public – I can’t sing and I can’t play and even if I could I doubt I’d ever be able to do it in front of an audience.

One of my weaknesses in collecting records are private pressings, the people that never made it in the business but left a something behind to prove that at least  they tried. Occasionally good but usually poor and rarely excellent these are more social history than they are art.

And so on to Hush who were “appearing at La Taverna Restaurant, Epping” when they released this (by the sound late 70’s).  The sleeve set alarm bells ringing from the outset and whilst there is one slight positive to the record I’ll leave that to the end.


Hush – Lily Ann EP (1978?) – Vinyl

Track 1 Lily Ann – Hmmmm……too much listening to the Bee Gees me thinks! A couple of times during the song the vocals jump to the falsetto in such a way that I had to check that the turntable wasn’t speeding up.

Track 2 Living Free – This starts off as the Small Faces’ “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” in all but name and then goes absolutely nowhere. It’s trying to be a cute little song about living free, unfortunately it just makes the case for permanent incarceration.

Track 3 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – I assumed that this was a cover that it wouldn’t be too bad. Never assume! Again the weird vocals that made me think the speed was inconsistent on the turntable, but no it’s the vocals. The best thing that could be said about this track is that halfway through Mrs P turned on the hairdryer and I couldn’t hear the music.

Track 4 Oye Como Va – The one ray of light! Just band chanted vocals over a slightly funky jam. For once Hush actually sound as if they enjoy what they’re doing………..

Rate – 1/5 (up from 0 because it’s a private pressing and at least they tried)

Condition – 4/5

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