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Wanna Crawl Up On Your Floor

Work’s been a bust recently and I’ve had the same damn cold for a couple of weeks now. Spent too much time on the internet listening to new music and ordering it – now I have a load of vinyl on its way including the latest releases from Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. and Ruby The Hatchet.

So I guess it’s time to break the cycle of wake, work, eat, order music, sleep…………. and re-join the real world.

I was aware of John Lee Hooker for some time before I actually sort out his music, I knew of him through The Groundhogs, via Dr Feelgood’s ‘Milk and Alcohol’ and finally by stumbling across a copy of ‘Dimples’ in a Cornish record shop (can’t remember exactly where, it was next to the harbour).

In 2000 I was on holiday with Mrs P in France, just outside of Saumur, and my holiday reading included his biography. His colourful life (pun intended? who knows?) piqued my interest in his music and I found this CD in a French record shop.

I’ve listened to this any number of times and if truth be told I’m more of a blues wannabe fan than the real McCoy. When I play this all the way through the tracks become a bit ‘samey’ and I tend to zone out (this time round I don’t remember anything after about track 18………….and this was with me concentrating). However as a CD to dip into, an indication of his skill and style, and a document of music some 60+ years ago this is invaluable.

John Lee Hooker – Boogie Chillen 1948-1949 (2000)

      • Sally Mae
      • Boogie Chillen
      • She Was In Chicago
      • Who’s Been Jiving You?
      • Shady Grove Blues
      • Do The Boogie
      • Miss Lorraine
      • Talkin’ Boogie
      • Hobo Blues
      • Drifting From Door To Door
      • Crawling Kingsnake
      • Alberta
      • Howlin’ Wolf
      • Momma Poppa Boogie
      • Whistlin’ And Moanin’ Blues
      • Graveyard Blues
      • Burning Hell
      • Sailing Blues
      • Black Cat Blues
      • Don’t Go Baby
      • The Numbers
      • Forgive Me

Rate – 3/5

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