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A Man Who Spoke Wonders

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I may (or may not) have said before that after discovering Nick Cave’s work back in the mid-80s (courtesy of spending a lunchtime away from work and at Slough Record Centre down the Farnham Road) I’ve become fascinated and fixated with his work – obviously in a commercial purchasing of music/books/dvds kind of way, not in the creepy turning up at 2am and knocking on his front door asking for a cup of sugar, ‘Misery’ kind of way.

Lyrically and musically “The Boatman’s Call” and “The Firstborn is Dead” are, for me, the touchstones in his oeuvre. Whilst ‘Boatman’ can be a bit too dark and sombre to take in one sitting (a friend refers to it as ‘music to cut your wrists to’) it has some essential tracks on it.

When those tracks are coupled with the inherent imperfections in Cave’s vocals this becomes the perfect CD to sing along with at full volume in the car. If you’re driving around Windsor and hear a driver intoning “Not to touch a hair on your head /  To leave you as you are /  And if He felt He had to direct you /  Then direct you into my arms” apologies, it’s me.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – The Boatman’s Call (1997) – CD

  • Into My Arms
  • Lime Tree Arbour
  • People Ain’t No Good
  • Brompton Oratory
  • There Is a Kingdom
  • (Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For?
  • Where Do We Go Now but Nowhere?
  • West Country Girl
  • Black Hair
  • Idiot Prayer
  • Far from Me
  • Green Eyes

Rate – 5/5

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