The Guns Forever

Derided by the music press, who worked on the basis that big hair + anthemic songs = bombast, The Alarm were in fact a decent alternative rock group who played with true passion and wore their hearts on their sleeves in typical 80s fashion. I saw them live, virtually by accidental, around the time this album was released. Out in London one night we decided to see a concert and bought tickets for the first gig we saw – didn’t pay any attention to who the band were until The Alarm came on and blew us away. A great evening topped off by a rip roaring cover of “Pinball Wizard” during the encore, this album takes me back to those times

“Sixty-Eight Guns” still gives me a kick of adrenaline, I want to be a member of that gang knowing I’ve got to grow up but fearing what the future holds, the only certainty I have is that the gang I’ve grown up in will forever have my back.

And now they are trying to take my life away,
Forever young I cannot stay,
On every corner I can see them there.
They don’t know my name, they don’t know my kind.

“Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?”, a perfect call to arms. The cause doesn’t matter, the fact that you stand your ground does……….

“Blaze Of Glory”, and when your best isn’t good enough and you’re being shot down by The Man, this is how you have to respond.

Okay, so looking back at the album now some of the lyrics may seem a bit pretentious but that can’t dim their effect on me back in the 80s.

The Alarm – Declaration (1984) – Vinyl

      • Declaration
      • Marching On
      • Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?
      • Third Light
      • Sixty Eight Guns
      • We Are the Light
      • Shout to the Devil
      • Blaze of Glory
      • Tell Me
      • The Deceiver
      • The Stand (Prophecy)
      • Howling Wind

Rate – 4/5

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