There Will Be Riffs

Ruby The Hatchet – Paralyzed / Aurum (Prologue) / Eliminator (2014) – Vinyl

So here we are at Record Store Day 2015 and I’m holding with the promise I made back at the end of March – no new purchases until I’ve completed ten new posts (this is number nine). But to be honest that doesn’t bother me too much when we’re talking about RSD (2015 or any other year) – the PR machine helps get people into independent record shops which is a good thing but there’s never anything released that particularly blows my mind. Then again I suppose it’s not targeted at me, I need no excuse to go out and buy vinyl…..

I discovered Ruby the Hatchet on BandCamp a couple of months ago and immediately bought an LP, Single and TShirt bundle. Hailing from Philadelphia they play psychedelic / doom laden / stoner / Sabbath-esque (please delete / add to as applicable) rock with attitude. I was hoping to catch them play with Blues Pills in the UK but there was a Visa issue (their’s not mine) – hopefully that’ll get sorted, I need to see this group live………..

Bloody good video as well.

Rate – 4/5 Condition – 5/5

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