Thought I Knew The Score

So what’s on the television? Another short cut to making it famous, pulling on the heart strings wherever possible, cheap to produce show headed up by some modern day “celebrities” (and I use the word advisedly even though it is in quotes)? It must be Saturday night then…………..

This time round it’s The Voice courtesy of BBC1 and, whilst Mrs P loves it, it does nothing for me other than give me the time to put music on in the back room (yes, the one with the lava lamp), sit down and consider how much better things were on tv in the past.

And of course they weren’t, they were remarkably similar to what we have now it’s just that memory has the marvellous knack of forgetting the crap that passes for prime time entertainment that we all have to live through at times – I remember watching Mule Train on Opportunity Knocks and thinking it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen (having said that I was probably about 7 at the time??)

And then I finally caught up with my reading of Shindig! and realised I was just too far up myself with my views on talent shows and what constitutes popular entertainment. I’d heard of Ready, Steady, Go! but a spin-off called Ready, Steady, Win! was totally new to me. It was won by the Bo Street Runners in ’64 – they had formed in ’63 and broke up in ’65………….the more things change the more they stay the same.

But what’s any of this got to do with my record collection? Well for that we need to consider the one judge on The Voice who probably has the right to be considered a true, died in the wool celebrity – Mr Tom Jones.

Tom Jones – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again / Things I Wanna Do (1967) – Vinyl

Surprisingly the A side is written by Lonnie Donegan of skiffle fame but there’s no sign of that heritage here. Lush orchestration coupled with ‘that voice’ and a chorus that many a broken hearted soul thinks they can sing after one too many wines had this marked as a hit as soon as it came off of the printing press.

Rate – 4/5 Condition – 4/5

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