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I don’t really subscribe to compilations by artists as I find that some of my favourite tracks are gems hidden within an album. There’s also the issue of context – most albums are sequenced to ensure that the interplay between tracks is maximised, this is totally lost with compilations where tracks recorded across a number of years are thrown together.

Another thing that I really don’t subscribe to is the fact that a company such as Tesco should exist. Not content with buying land, destroying smaller independent shops by turning them into ‘Express’ stores, being investigated for price fixing and an interesting tax structure, we also discover that horse meat contaminated some of their beef products. An interesting approach to customer service………….

But having said that two negatives can make a positive. A couple of years ago I was missing any music to play in the car, had to use a Tesco Superstore and came across a copy of Mothership by Led Zeppelin for only £2 – at that price there’s nothing wrong with a compilation.

Whilst I have a preference for earlier Led Zeppelin there’s nothing wrong with any of the tracks on this album. But for me it doesn’t really work due to the, previously trailed, ‘lack of context’ – I have all the individual albums and it doesn’t seem natural to hear these tracks alongside each other.

But it is a great CD to dip into in the car……………..

Led Zeppelin – Mothership (2007) – CD

      • Good Times Bad Times
      • Communication Breakdown
      • Dazed and Confused
      • Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
      • Whole Lotta Love
      • Ramble On
      • Heartbreaker
      • Immigrant Song
      • Since I’ve Been Loving You
      • Rock and Roll
      • Black Dog
      • When the Levee Breaks
      • Stairway to Heaven
      • The Song Remains the Same
      • Over the Hills and Far Away
      • D’yer Mak’er
      • No Quarter
      • Trampled Under Foot
      • Houses of the Holy
      • Kashmir
      • Nobody’s Fault but Mine
      • Achilles Last Stand
      • In the Evening
      • All My Love

Rate – 3/5 (marked down due to context issues natch)

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