Voices Whisper Look At The Loon

Okay I’m a bit stuck here with how I start this post is it “Back to the Future” or “Forward to the Past”? Or is it just – “I have seen the future of 21st Century rock music and it’s the 1970s?”

It could be all of them or it could be none………..all I know is that The Vintage Caravan have unleashed a couple of excellent slabs of vinyl in Voyage. Listening to them in my newly retro-ised back room (complete with lava lamp, guitar and dimmer switch) if I close my eyes I can see – me aged eight looking cool in my two tone flares (purple at the front, pink at the back) topped off with a mega-collared Toulouse-Lautrec print shirt…………..

………….okay maybe there are some things from the 70s that shouldn’t be revisited but good music definitely should be.

There’s a lot of excellent music coming out of Sweden at the moment (as discussed with my mate Mr F only last week) and this trio of musos must be close to the forefront. If you like your music heavy with the occasional lighter shade, extended passages of guitar, bass, drum interplay and none too subtle drug references (Expand Your Mind, Psychedelic Mushroom Man, etc) then you need to hear this.

And of course if you really want to get the full effect you also need to get a lava lamp………

……..one suitably weird video follows…………… 

The Vintage Caravan – Voyage – Double Vinyl (2014)

    • Craving
    • Let Me Be
    • Do You Remember
    • Expand Your Mind
    • M.A.R.S.W.A.T.T.
    • Cocaine Sally
    • Winterland
    • Midnight Meditation
    • The King’s Voyage
    • Psychedelic Mushroom Man

Rate – 5/5

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