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So I’ve just bought a new car and the sound system allows me to play music straight from a data stick. Earlier today I copied 40 albums onto a stick, went out for a drive, turned up the volume and picked an album at random.

The album that played is a prog rock classic and has sold over a million copies. Unfortunately it’s also the biggest load of tripe I’ve had to listen to in a long time. I don’t understand what happened, my timeline for the 70s is now totally screwed, if Yes released “Close To The Edge” in 1972 why didn’t punk rock appear in 1973 to blow them all away? Why did we have people twiddling away with this sort of music for another four years?

Now don’t get me wrong I like prog rock and have loads of albums to share over coming posts but this album just sounds like people trying to show how clever they are (actually ‘smug’ is probably the best description) and totally forgetting about basics such as structure, form and the enjoyment of the listener. There’s an argument that this album may be a soundscape but that’s as far as I would go.

I really tried to get some positives out of this (as obviously over one million people have) but I can’t. I’ve also got lots of further ranting about this but life’s too short and I’ve already lost 37 minutes 51 seconds listening to the damn thing.

Play the below if you really have to, it is the shortest track on the album. I wouldn’t advise it however………

17/05 As a post script to the above (and to add insult to aural injury) I’ve just realised that Close To The Edge is included in “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” – Aargh! I need to find my X-Ray Spex CD and quickly………. 

Yes – Close To The Edge (1972) – CD

  • Close to the Edge
    • I. The Solid Time of Change
    • II. Total Mass Retain
    • III. I Get Up, I Get Down
    • IV. Seasons of Man
  • And You and I
    • I. Cord of Life
    • II. Eclipse
    • III. The Preacher, the Teacher
    • IV. The Apocalypse
  • Siberian Khatru

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